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Door County Travel Guide

Ever since I moved to the Milwaukee area about 15 years ago, I have been absolutely enthralled with the Door County region in Northeastern Wisconsin.  It is an absolutely stunning area that is an immensely popular vacation spot for people in the Midwestern United States.   Continue reading

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Friday Sound-Off: Are Antimalarial Medications Worth Taking?

It is a question that I have asked myself a few times before traveling internationally.  Do I take an antimalarial and deal with the sickness that is often a side-effect, or do I forgo the antimalarial and increase my odds of getting Malaria?  The answer to that question seems pretty straight-forward, and it probably is.  However, you would be surprised at how many people actually choose to not take an antimalarial before their trip. Continue reading

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The Nduruma Polo and Country Club in Tanzania

Located just outside of the city of Arusha, the Nduruma Polo and Country Club is a social meeting spot for the community of Usa River, Tanzania.  It is a place where you can go to meet up with friends, have a beer, and watch some fantastic polo being played.  It’s a place where, even as strangers, we were made to feel very welcomed. Continue reading

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18 Essential Pieces of Gear for Traveling Photographers

Although we are firm believers that the photographer makes or breaks the picture, not the gear he or she is using, the right gear can definitely help you along the way.  The right gear can keep you organized, help make sure your camera is well maintained, and assist you in getting shots that wouldn’t be possible without the right equipment in certain conditions. Continue reading

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The Art of Travel Photography – Planning Your Shots

If you have been following our blog, you know that I am a big proponent of doing the proper planning before you travel so that you get the best shots when you are there.  It is a huge piece of my travel photography workflow.  Sure, you’ll probably get some great shots if you just wing it, but you are likely to miss as many great shots as you get. Continue reading

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National Monuments – Muir Woods National Monument and San Francisco Guide

I have been to the Redwood State and National Parks in Northern California, and they are beautiful parks.  They are also relatively far away from any major metropolitan city.  They are located where I would expect large Redwood trees to still be standing, on the north coast of California.  I think Muir Woods National Monument is so unique because it is where you wouldn’t expect large, old-growth trees to still be standing. Continue reading

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Don’t Wait to Renew – Passport Fees are Increasing

If you are thinking about renewing your passport this year, you might not want to wait too long.  The United States Department of State recently announced that it will be raising the execution fee for passports from $25 to $35 starting on April 2, 2018. Continue reading

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Friday Sound-Off: Should Restrictions be Placed on Comfort Animals on Flights?

Chances are, you have heard the story by now. A young woman flying home on Spirit Airlines was allegedly told by an airline employee to either set her emotional support hamster free or flush it down the toilet after being told that the animal couldn’t accompany her on a flight. The news hit social media and almost instantly went viral. Continue reading

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Sunshine Blogger Award

We were so honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Caterina at Wonderlust Queen. We started our blog because we have a passion for traveling and for animals, and we wanted to share that passion with others.  Continue reading

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The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is some of the most unique and beautiful coastline in the world, and one of our favorite places in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Over 40,000 unique basalt columns, created by an ancient volcano, extend from the ground like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  It is an amazing sight to behold. Continue reading

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