Visitor’s Guide to Horseshoe Bend

If you are into grand and beautiful vistas, then you aren’t going to want to miss a stop at Horseshoe Bend in Northern Arizona.  Nowhere else is the Colorado River’s sculpting of the sandstone of the American Southwest more beautiful.

Horseshoe Bend-7205

Horseshoe Bend is one of the prettiest locations in the American Southwest.

Unlike some stunningly beautiful spots in this world, Horseshoe Bend is not very difficult to get to.  It is a short and easy one mile hike from the roadside parking to the viewpoint, so it is something that everyone is able to enjoy.  In this guide we will let you know how to get to Horseshoe Bend, when the best times to visit are, and show you some of the stunning pictures we have been able to take of Horseshoe Bend during our many visits over the years.

How to Get There

Horseshoe Bend Map.png

Horseshoe Bend is located approximately 5 miles South of the city of Page, Arizona.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful spots in the American Southwest, Horseshoe Bend is also one of the easiest viewpoints to get to.  It is 4.6 miles (or a 9 minute drive) South of the town of Page, Arizona.  If you are interested in learning where Page, Arizona is in relation to large cities and National Parks in the American Southwest, please refer to the table below.

Distance to National Parks and Cities in the General Area

Las Vegas, Nevada 273 miles
Flagstaff, Arizona 129 miles
Moab, Utah 273 miles
Kanab, Utah 74 miles
Zion National Park 104 miles
Bryce Canyon National Park 151 miles
Arches National Park 278 miles
Canyonlands National Park 265 miles
Capitol Reef National Park 252 miles
Grand Canyon National Park 109 miles

To get to Horseshoe Bend from the city of Page, Arizona, take highway 89 South approximately 4.6 miles until you see the viewpoint parking on the right side of the road.  If possible, I would strongly suggest getting to the viewpoint early in the day as crowds can make parking rather difficult.

Horseshoe Bend-3819

The hike to Horseshoe Bend from the parking area is relatively easy.

From the parking area, it is roughly a 1 mile hike to the viewpoint.  The hike is slightly up hill at points, but it is a rather easy hike.  Please, make sure you practice proper trail etiquette when visiting and leave not trace.

Horseshoe Bend Detail Map

A detailed view of where Horseshoe Bend is located.

Best Time to Visit

Horseshoe Bend is an amazing place to visit year round, but the temperature and crowds can make certain times of year much more enjoyable than others.  During the months of June thru September, temperatures can get quite hot and the crowds can be quite large as people often take their summer vacations to the area.  The months of August thru October also have some of the highest average precipitation levels for the year, so keep that in mind when planning a summer trip to Horseshoe Bend.

During the winter months (between December and February), the crowds are sparse, but the temperatures can be relatively cool.  If you aren’t phased by the cooler temperatures, this can be a great time to visit as the crowds are really small.

I believe the best time to visit Horseshoe Bend is in the spring months of March thru May as the temperatures are reasonably warm, the precipitation levels are on average low, and the crowds are not yet at their peak levels.

Average Temperature (°F)Horseshoe Average Temp.png

Average Precipitation (Inches)Horseshoe Bend Average Precipitation.png

Be Safe

If you visit Horseshoe Bend, please make sure that you keep your safety and the safety of others in mind.  Just this year a man fell nearly 800 feet to his death after he fell from the ledge to the rocks below.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the only fatality that has occurred at the Horseshoe Bend viewpoint either.  There are no guardrails at the viewpoint, so your safety is your responsibility.

In the many times I have visited the viewpoint, I have seen some pretty reckless behavior at the Horseshoe Bend viewpoint.  That selfie you want to take or that shot of you hanging over the edge isn’t worth the risk.  You should be aware that the sandstone that you are standing on can break off at anytime, so even standing on the edge of the viewpoint can be perilous.  So please, make sure you take extra precaution when visiting.

Horseshoe Bend-3915

Safety should always be in the front of your mind when visiting Horseshoe Bend.

Photo Gallery

Horseshoe Bend is a beautiful place that is very easy to fall in love with.  I love this place so much that I have made it a point to visit on many occasions.  Below is a gallery of some of the beautiful pictures I have been able to capture of Horseshoe Bend over the years.


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