National Parks

We are absolutely enthralled by scenic landscapes, and some of the most scenic landscapes in this world are in our National Parks.  We have currently visited 25 of the 46 national parks in the continental United States, along with many of the national monuments and battlefields.

Our goal is to visit all of the national parks, not just in the continental United States, but beyond.  And we would like to share those adventures with you, which is why we have created this page.  Here you will find all of our pictures, our stories, our travel advice, and all other content related to our adventures in our beautiful national parks.

Parks We Have Visited

We have worked hard the last 7 years to get to as many national parks, monuments, and battlefields as we can.  Here is a map of where we have been so far (visited parks highlighted in red).  If you have any recommendations on which park(s) we should visit next, we would love to hear your suggestions!

National Parks Visited Map 3.png


Visiting national parks can be an amazing experience if you have the information you need to make the most of your visit.  Below are some articles that I have written on how to make the most of your experiences at national parks.

Travel-Pic Indiana Dunes – America’s 61st National Park
Travel-Pic The Top 20 Views to See in America’s National Parks
Travel-Pic The Best National Parks to Visit in the Winter
Travel-Pic Best Hikes in the National Parks System
Travel-Pic Epic Parks Road Trips Part 1 – Badlands to the Rocky Mountains
Travel-Pic Epic Parks Road Trips Part 2 – Ultimate American Southwest Road Trip
Travel-Pic Epic Parks Road Trips Part 3 – Desert Mountains and Caves Road Trip
Travel-Pic Epic Parks Road Trips Part 4 – Pacific Northwest Road Trip
Travel-Pic Epic Parks Road Trips Part 5 – Heart of California Road Trip

Guides for Parks We’ve Visited

We are committed to sharing our adventures in all of the national parks we visit.  As we get the blog posts created for our adventures, we will link to them all here.  We hope this provides you with some inspiration for your next adventure!


Yellowstone-1733 Arches National Park
Yellowstone-1733 Canyonlands National Park
Yellowstone-1733 Bryce Canyon National Park
Zion National Park
longslot-5403 Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument – Long Canyon Slot
Guide to Zebra Slot Canyon in Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument
Guide to Devil’s Garden in Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument


Yellowstone-1733 Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton-1927 Grand Teton National Park
Devil-Tower-5403 Devil’s Tower National Monument


Acadia National Park


Horseshoe Bend
Travel-Pic Saguaro National Park Visitor Guide
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Antelope Canyon

New Mexico

White Sands National Monument


Travel-Pic Big Bend National Park


Olympic National Park


Muir Woods National Monument
Travel-Pic Joshua Tree National Park


The Hoover Dam


Banff National Park

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  1. You should get to the Everglades before it’s too late (it’s on my bucket list, too!). The ecosystem is being destroyed by human encroachment and lack of good environmental laws in Florida. I would also recommend Smokey Mtns and Hawaii Volcanoes NP.

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