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Looking for a destination to visit in Africa?  Well, we have you covered.  Feel free to use any of the itineraries and guides below to help plan your next trip.  Have a place you would like us to cover in an upcoming guide or an itinerary you would like us to create for a location you are traveling to?  Please let us know!

Travel Itineraries

The best part about these itineraries is that they are specifically made to be customized.  We let you know the best times to visit the locations you want to travel to, the best ways to get there, the best places to stay when you are there, and then give you a wide range of activities to see (along with an idea of how long you will need to see them).  With this wealth of information, travel planning becomes a breeze.

Itineraries Coming Soon!

Travel Guides

Rock-17332 The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar
Hotsprings-17332 The Kikuletwa Hotsprings in Tanzania
Manyara-17332 African Safari – Lake Manyara National Park
Polo-17332 Our Visit to a Maasai Village in Tanzania
Polo-17332 The Nduruma Polo and Country Club in Tanzania
Polo-17332 Zanzibar Travel Guide

Travel Planning

Rock-17332 20 Tips for Those Visiting Africa for the First Time
Hotsprings-17332 The Essential Safari Packing List
Hotsprings-17332 Tips for Photography on African Safaris

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