Travel Tips and Guides


We have traveled quite a bit over the years, and in that time we have picked up a number of different tips and tricks to make traveling easier.  We have included all of our travel tips, travel advice, and travel guides that we have to offer on this page for you to use as a resource as you plan your next adventure.

Travel Planning

Travel-1733 Travel Planning Advice – Part 1
Travel-17332 Travel Planning Advice – Part 2
Checklist-17332 Travel Checklist
Carry-on-17332 Carry-On Checklist

Travel Advice

Travel-17332 Best Travel Accessories for 2018
Photo-Tips-17332 10 Easy Tips to Make Your Vacation Photos Really Pop
ID-17332 Your ID Card Might Not Get You on a Plane Starting Today
Passport-17332 Top 10 Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Animate-17332 How to WOW Your Friends by Animating Your Vacation Photos
Air-17332 Ten Tips to Survive Hotels and Hostels with No Air Conditioning
Air-17332 How to Survive a Long Flight

Travel Guides

Barcelona-1733 Traveler’s Guide to Barcelona
Travel-17332 Traveler’s Guide to Valencia
Edinburgh-17332 Traveler’s Guide to Edinburgh
Bastogne-17332 Traveler’s Guide to Bastogne
Rock-17332 The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar
Hotsprings-17332 The Kikuletwa Hotsprings in Tanzania
Carrickarede-17332 The Carrick-a-Rede Brige in Northern Ireland
Giants-17332 The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland
SanFran-17332 San Francisco Visitor’s Guide

Opinions and Hot Travel Topics

Tourism-1733 Is Overtourism a Problem?
GlobalEntry-17332 Is Global Entry Still Worth It?
Park-Fees-17332 Are the National Park Fee Increases the Right Move?
Airport-17332 What are the Best and Worst Airports in the United States?
Airport-17332 Will Airlines Follow Hotels and Incentivize Direct Buying?
Is Slum Tourism a Good or Bad Thing?
Are National Parks and Conservation Areas Enough?
Should Restrictions be Placed on Comfort Animals on Flights?