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My name is Joshua Hewitt and I am an avid traveler, photographer, animal lover, and national parks enthusiast.  Ever since I was very young, I have had an unquenchable curiosity and a love for exploration.  I have been traveling the world and bringing those explorations back to you in the form of in-depth visitor guides, comprehensive travel itineraries, and a myriad of travel advice articles based on my own travel experiences.

Unlike Most Travel Sites

Unlike most travel blogs and sites you will find on the Internet, I am not here to try and sell you vacation packages, convince you to use a specific tour company, or push a specific brand of travel gear.  Everything that I write about comes from my own personal experience and I am sharing those experiences with you because travel and photography are my passions.

I often get asked the questions:

  • “how can you afford to travel as much as you do?”
  • “how do you keep all of these big trips that you plan organized?”
  • “what do you do to find cheap flights?”
  • “what type of photography gear do you travel with?”
  • “how are you always getting free hotel nights?”

I love answering those questions.  In fact, if you meet me, sometimes you can’t get me to shut up about travel.  After answering these questions, and many others, for friends and family on a routine basis and finding that I really enjoy it, I decided to bring my love for travel to a bigger stage.  That’s why I started this blog and that is why I am so dedicated to keeping the great travel and travel photography content coming to you on a regular basis.  I absolutely love doing this.

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Are you tired of overpaying for travel?  When I first started traveling, I made a TON of mistakes.  I overpaid for trips, I didn’t do a great job of planning my itineraries, and I certainly didn’t get to travel nearly as much as I do now.  Like anything else, with all of those mistakes that I made I gained experience.  A lot of experience.  I am now able to travel a lot more, I do a lot more on my trips, and I don’t have to break the bank to do it.  That is the experience that I want to pass on to you.

If you want to avoid some of the big mistakes that travelers typically make, learn how to travel more for less, and get the most out of your trips, then you are in the right spot.  Sign-up to receive all of my latest travel advice, travel guides, travel itineraries, and travel photography how-to articles for absolutely FREE.  

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