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Your ID Card Might Not Get You on a Plane Starting Today

While the REAL ID Act got a lot of attention when it was first passed back in 2005, it is something that hasn’t been in the news all that much in recent months.  However, now that the Department of Homeland Security’s implementation deadline (January 22, 2018) is here, we thought it would be a great time to review the REAL ID Act and let you know how this could impact your travel plans. Continue reading

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Friday Sound-Off: Are Walking Safaris Safe?

There has bee a lot of talk in the past decade on how safe walking safaris really are.  In most countries in Africa, guides are not allowed to carry guns on walking safaris.  Poaching is still a big issue in Africa, and keeping guns outside of the parks should be a top priority.  This means that clients are reliant upon the skill and experience of their guides to keep them safe while walking in the African bush. Continue reading

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A New Year – Our 2018 Travel Plans

2017 has come and gone, and it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead.  2018 looks to be another big year of travel for us, with a good mix of international trips, national parks trips, and a great golf getaway or two sprinkled in. Continue reading

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Top 10 Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

No trip is perfect. Regardless of how much we try, nothing will ever go completely as planned. But with a little foresight and some planning, you can avoid the big mistakes that can lead to frustration, stress, and even regret. Continue reading

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2017 – A Review of Our Year of Travel

2017 was an incredible year of travel for us.  We got to see some amazing places that we have always dreamed of seeing.  We have been incredibly blessed and fortunate to have been able to travel to and see so many amazing places.  For that, we are thankful. Continue reading

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Travelor’s Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of our favorite cities in the United Kingdom.  There is so much history to see and things to do.  If you are planning a trip to Edinburgh in the near future, we hope this guide will make your trip planning process a little bit easier. Continue reading

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Friday Sound-Off: Will Sustainable Travel Gain Momentum in 2018?

With the increasing understanding we have of the impact humans are having on our environment, more-and-more attention has been given to sustainable practices.  From sustainable building, to sustainable farming, it seems like sustainability has become a very big trend in recent years.  And now it seems, the travel industry has begun to follow suit. Continue reading

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National Monuments – Devil’s Tower National Monument

To this day, Devil’s Tower continues to attract a lot of visitors, with over 440,000 people a year visiting the monument from all over the world.  On top of being one of America’s biggest geological wonders, it is also one of the best crack rock climbing locations in North America. Continue reading

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Best Hikes in the National Parks System

If you like to hike, the National Parks System in the United States has some really fun, challenging, and breathtakingly beautiful hiking trails for you to explore.  If you are looking for which parks have the best trails, you are in luck.  We are going to rank which hikes in our National Park System we would recommend. Continue reading

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Rhinos Chasing Hyenas in Ngorongoro

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things we got to see was a black rhino chasing a number of spotted hyenas in the Ngorongoro Crater.  You can see how formidable black rhinos can be, and why most other animals give them their due respect. Continue reading

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