Travel Check List

Forgetting something when traveling can end up being anything from an inconvenience to a show stopper.  To help you avoid forgetting the big things that can quickly derail an international trip, we have setup this checklist for you to use.

TRIP: __________________________

DATE: __________________________

Driver’s License
Necessary Visas
Currency Exchanged
Notified Credit Card Companies of Travel
Itinerary and Reservation Details
Photo Copy of Passports Left at Home
Overseas Phone Plan(s) (If Necessary)
Necessary Travel Vaccinations
Register with Smart Traveler Program
Travel and Travel Medical Insurance
Necessary International Power Converters
Phone and Camera Chargers
Photo Backup Device or App

If there is something that you think should be added to this list, please leave us a suggestion in the comments section.  We love getting your feedback!

About Josh Hewitt

Avid traveler and photographer who loves to see new places, meet new people, and experience new things. There is so much this world can teach us, we just need to explore!
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3 Responses to Travel Check List

  1. suzyqonthego says:

    Add sense of humor, abundant patience, a big smile, and a camera.

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