Travel Journal (9/28/2018): Having a Blast on Broadway

Today was another really fun day in Nashville. I am really starting to like this city and will be bummed to have to leave so soon. There seems to be so much to see and explore.

Today we really got to explore Broadway, which was a ton of fun. We checked out the bar and restaurants of Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryant, and Jason Aldean. I was amazed at how much live music is playing in these bars. Below are just some of the pictures I took that show what a fun atmosphere Broadway in Nashville is.

Nashville is quickly becoming one of America’s biggest tourist draws. It is hard to really say it is underrated anymore because it is getting to be so popular. While I have been here I have discovered that roughly 100 people a day, or 3,000 people a month, are moving to Nashville. The city is growing fast!

Tomorrow will probably be more low key for us as we get ready to head back home on Sunday morning. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Looks like a colorful place.

  2. Great photos! You can fly direct from London now too which is a bonus and will probably help bring in more tourists. Definitely somewhere I’ll return to 🙂

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