The Top 50 Things to See in the United States (21-30)

LAST UPDATED – 10/21/22 – Top Things to See in the United States

Top Things to See in the United States - Golden Gate Bridge

The United States is a very large, very diverse, and very beautiful place.  Few other countries in the world have such a large diversity of landscape and culture waiting to be explored.  Whether you have always wanted to visit America, are looking for a good reason to travel back to the United States, or even if you live here and want to explore some of the regions you are less familiar with, I have you covered.  In this series, I am going to outline the Top 50 Things to See in the United States to give you some inspiration for your next trip.

So follow along as I countdown my top things to see in the United States and let me know your thoughts on the list in the comments below.  If there is something that you either want to see or think others would want to see, please let me know about it.  I am positive that other travelers reading this article will be thankful as well!

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In this edition of my countdown of the top United States travel destinations, I am going to cover items 21-30 on my list.  There are some fantastic places to add to your United States travel bucket list on here, some of which are lesser-known travel treasures.  If you don’t have a travel bucket list for the United States, this might be a good time to start one.  With this list, you will have no shortage of amazing ideas!

30. Napa Valley


Top Things to See in the United States - Napa Valley

Napa Valley, which is America’s premier wine-growing region, is the first of many locations within the state of California on this segment of my Top 50 Things to See in the United States list.  Along with its neighboring sister Sonoma Valley, the Napa Valley is known for its hundreds of hillside vineyards and wineries that provide tastings and tours.  Located just North of the city of San Francisco, there is a Napa Valley wine train that tourists can take from San Francisco up to Napa Valley.  In addition to great wine, the town of Napa also offers an amazing array of restaurants and markets.

29. Glacier National Park


Top Things to See in the United States - Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is considered by many American national parks enthusiasts to be the crown jewel of the national parks in the American Rockey Mountains.  This stunning mountain park is home to 35 named glaciers, which are the largest in the continental United States.  To the delight of animal enthusiasts, the park is also home to a wide array of wildlife.

This includes grizzly bear, black bear, bighorn sheep, elk, lynx, mountain goats, mountain lions, and wolverines.  One of the most popular activities in the park is taking a drive along the Going to the Sun Road.  This beautiful alpine road takes visitors into the upper reaches of the mountain range within the park and offers some absolutely spectacular views of the mountains and the parks many glaciers.

28.  Bryce Canyon National Park


Top Things to See in the United States - Bryce Canyon National Park

Southern Utah has some spectacular national parklands and Bryce Canyon may just be the most beautiful of them all.  Renown for a large number of rock spires, known as hoodoos, that protrude from the canyon floor.  Adding to the beauty of the canyon is the stunning contrast in color between the bright blue sky, the reddish-orange sandstone of the hoodoos, and the green of the forest that lines to the canyon rim.

The Southern Utah area is an outdoor enthusiast’s dreamland, and Bryce Canyon is no different.  Within the park, there are a number of amazing hiking and biking trails, some of the best back-country camping and horseback riding you can find in the American Southwest, and some of the most scenic drives that you will find in the area.  With all of this, it is easy to see why Bryce Canyon National Park is such a favorite with visitors to the American Southwest.  If you are thinking about planning a trip to Bryce Canyon in the near future, I have included a link to my Bryce Canyon Visitor Guide for you to review below.

27. Death Valley National Park


Top Things to See in the United States - Death Valley

It’s hard to talk about unique and beautiful landscapes in the United States without talking about one of the most beautiful and infamous desert landscapes the country has to offer.  Most people realize that Death Valley is hot.  In fact, the highest recorded temperature on Earth was recorded in Death Valley in 2012.  However, many people don’t realize just how large Death Valley National Park is.  Covering roughly 3.4 million acres, this extraordinary desert park happens to be the largest national park in the Continental United States.

If you are planning on visiting Death Valley, I would suggest trying to plan your trip around the spring flower bloom that occurs sometime between late March and late April.  During this once-a-year bloom, the desert landscape of the park turns into a magnificent display of beauty as the valley becomes filled with a multi-color display of blooming flowers.  It really is a beautiful sight to behold if you are lucky enough to see it.

26. Big Sur


Top Things to See in the United States - Big Sur Coastline

For the next item on my list of the Top Things to See in the United States we stay within the state of California.  Going from the most beautiful desert landscape in America, we now transition to one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in America.  The rocky shores of Big Sur have long been revered as one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in the country.

While driving the coastal highway thru Big Sur is part of the fun, it’s large coastal forests, picturesque bays, and abundance of wildlife make Big Sur a destination itself.  If you are visiting California and plan to drive thru the Big Sur area, I have included a guide below that outlines the best ways to see the Northern Elephant Seals that are famous in the ocean waters off of California.

25. Kennedy Space Center


Top Things to See in the United States - Kennedy Space Center

While the United States has its fair share of beautiful landscapes, that isn’t the only thing the country is known for.  In fact, some of the biggest tourism draws in the country have little to do with beautiful landscapes at all.  One of these non-nature tourism draws is the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Ever since this 70-acre facility was established in the late 1960s, it has been giving millions of visitors a year from around the world a look inside the American Space Program.

Among the many experiences that visitors can expect to have when they visit the Kennedy Space Center include a realistic shuttle launch experience, amazing IMAX films on space travel, one-of-a-kind live shows, hands-on activities, and behind-the-scenes tours of the facilities.  If you have outer space lovers in your family, then a trip to the Kennedy Space Center would be right up your alley.

24. Live Music on Broadway


Top Things to See in the United States - Nashville

It is very hard to put into words just how special of an experience seeing live music in Nashville really is.  The best way that I can describe Nashville’s live music scene is to say Nashville is to live music what Hollywood is to movies.  Seriously, the Nashville music scene is that unique and special.  Nowhere else in the United States, and maybe even the world, will you find so many musicians playing live music at any time during the day then you will find in Nashville.

Walk up-and-down Broadway street and every bar and restaurant will have at least one live music act playing.  Some will have a different musical act playing on every floor.  Walk thru any small neighborhood surrounding downtown Nashville and every establishment will have an artist playing music, an open microphone event, or hosting an artist to talk about their songwriting process.  If you are a music lover, I can think of no better place for you to visit in the United States to experience live music than Nashville, Tennessee.

23. French Quarter


Top Things to See in the United States - French Quarter

The city of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana is famous for its Mardi Gras celebration, but the culture that makes that celebration so festive and popular is present in the city year-round.  Nowhere else within the city is this as apparent as it is in the heart of the city, which is often referred to as the French Quarter.

This cultural hub of the city is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, colorful buildings, popular jazz establishments, and Cajun restaurants.  No visit to New Orleans is complete without making a stop on Bourbon Street and checking out the gourmet food and drinks, excellent music, and the beautiful Jackson Square.

22. The Freedom Trail


Top Things to See in the United States - Freedom Trail

When it comes to the history of the United States, few other places are as important to the formation of the country than the city of Boston, Massachusetts.  After all, the city of Boston is where the American Revolution erupted with the Boston Tea Party.  For those who are interested in getting a first-hand look at the history of America, the city of Boston has created a 2.5-mile-long pathway through downtown Boston that highlights 16 locations in the city that are important to the history of the United States.

Among the different sites included on the Freedom Trail is the site of the Boston Massacre, the Paul Revere House, the old statehouse, a Benjamin Franklin statue, and the Bunker Hill monument.  Without a doubt, the Freedom Trail is something that every traveler with an affinity for history will enjoy.  However, you don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy the rich history on display on the Freedom Trail in the city of Boston.

21. The Golden Gate Bridge


Top Things to See in the United States - Golden Gate Bridge

When it comes to structures in the United States, it is hard to think of many that are more impressive than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.  When it was completed in 1937, the 1.7-mile-long bridge was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world.  Of all its features, the Golden Gate Bridge is most well-known for its rust-red color.  What many people don’t know is that this color was originally only intended to be a primer.

If you are looking to visit the San Francisco Bay Area on a trip in the near future, I have included a link to my Muir Woods National Monument and San Francisco Visitor Guide below for you to review.  In this Top Things to See in the United States guide, I highlight the best places to see and photograph the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge.

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  1. More beautiful and interesting places: some I’ve seen, some I want to see, and some I want to see again!

  2. More great choices, I’ve been to a few of these. Completely agree with everything you said about Nashville, such a unique place for live music. I think Glacier National Park is the big one on this list I want to visit – hopefully in 2020!

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