South America Travel

South America Travel

South America is a place of extremes.  From the soaring heights of the Andes Mountains to the desolate dryness of the Atacama Desert, to the vastness of the Amazon Rainforest, South America is an adventure lover’s paradise.  In addition to its beauty, South America is also home to some of this world’s most welcoming cultures. 

Whether you are traveling to one of the continent’s biggest cities or exploring the far reaches of Patagonia, the people of South America always make you feel welcome.  If you haven’t been to South America before, I have included a number of amazing resources on this page that will assist you in making sure your trip is one you will never forget.

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Christ the Redeemer

Torres Del Paine

Amazon Rainforest

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Cost Savings Tips

Travel can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  With the right know-how and a little planning, you can make your trips much more affordable.  If you are looking for some cost savings tips, please refer to my collection of travel cost savings guides below.

Travel Guides

Starting the planning for any trip is always the hardest part.  With the help of my in-depth, comprehensive travel guides, starting the planning for your next big trip should be much less stressful.

Travel Itineraries

If you have trouble figuring out the logistics for your trips, then you are going to love my tried-and-tested travel itineraries.  These easy to customize itineraries take the hassle out of planning the tedious aspects of your trip.

Travel Advice

If you don’t have a lot of experience traveling, especially internationally, then you will want to review this collection of travel advice guides that I have prepared.  Armed with this information you will avoid the common and costly travel mistakes and ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Photography Tips

I have over a decade of experience as a travel photographer, and I love to teach people the tips and tricks that I have learned for enhancing your travel photographs.  If you love to take pictures on your trips, then you will love my collection of travel photography guides below.

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