Travel Journal (7/9/2020): Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park

On the second day of our road trip we explored Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Because of COVID-19, we had to make a reservation to enter the park. This means that we had a specific time window for when we could enter the park on a specific day. I have to say, the process really wasn’t all that inconvenient. In addition to the reservation system, the park was also limiting the number of people that could be in the visitor centers at any one time and were requiring masks in all the visitor centers and outdoor restrooms.

After exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, we headed further up into the Rocky Mountains to camp for the night. This was a bit of an adventure as we arrived at our campground past the time when the campground host was on duty. We can to sort of guess which RV spot was ours, hunker down for the night, and then figure it out in the morning. Turns out, we parked in the exact right spot that we were supposed to.

The Day’s Itinerary

In case you want to see some more details on our day’s itinerary, I have included a link below to a detailed itinerary for the second day of our National Parks Road Trip for you to review.

nebraska road trip
2020 National Parks Trip โ€“ Day 2 Itinerary

 Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park was beyond gorgeous. In addition to seeing the breathtaking mountains, beautiful lakes, and stunning waterfalls, there was also a lot of great wildlife to view in the park. As we made our way up to the Alpine Visitor Center, we spotted a herd of elk feeding. This guy was taking his time walking up the road and made it clear to all us cars that we were on his time while in the park.

While I wasn’t able to do an really long hikes while in the park, I did do quite a few short to intermediate hikes. The trails in Rocky Mountain National Park are fantastic and there is so much to hike to see. My favorite quickly became hiking to see the parks many beautiful waterfalls.

Photo Highlights

In case you are interested in seeing some more images of this beautiful park, I have included a few more of my favorite shots I took with my phone. I will be posting the photographs I took with my camera when I write-up a Rocky Mountain National Park Visitor Guide in the coming months.

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    • It was very cool, which I loved. We are currently in Moab roasting our butts off too. Hiked to Corona Arch yesterday and it was 106 degrees! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • We are getting gas in Green River right now and will be driving past Moab in minutes! Weโ€™ve decided to skip Moab due to the heat and are heading to Ouray, CO, instead. Highs in the low 80s and upper 70s. Escalante heat just about killed us, and it was a good 9 degrees โ€œcoolerโ€ than what you endured! Keep hydrated! ๐Ÿ’ฆ

      • We just missed you!! Smart move escaping the heat. I did a few short hikes today and the heat was overwhelming. Enjoy Colorado!!

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