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2020 National Parks Trip – Day 7 Itinerary

Corona Arch

My 2020 National Parks Road Trip Itinerary

As I began to plan my 2020 National Parks Road Trip that I outlined for you a few weeks back, I began to realize how beneficial it might be for me to share the process I use to plan long road trips.  Believe it or not, even though they don’t include air travel or the other complexities associated with fly-and-stay travel, road trips can be surprisingly difficult to plan.  This is especially true during a global pandemic.  That is why I have chosen to share my detailed road trip itinerary and planning process with you in case it might help you in navigating the planning process for your next big road trip.  I have included links to each day’s itinerary plan, as well as the main itinerary article, below to assist you with navigation.

Main Itinerary Article
Day 1 – Driving to Colorado
Day 2 – Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park
Day 3 – Climbing Gray’s Peak
Day 4 – Visit The Great Sand Dunes National Park
Day 5 – Visit Mesa Verde NP and Canyon of the Ancients
Day 6 – Visit Canyonlands National Park
Day 7 – Explore Capitol Reef National Park
Day 8 – Drive to Great Basin National Park
Day 9 – Explore Shoshone Falls and Craters of the Moon
Day 10 – Explore Yellowstone National Park
Day 11 – Visit Little Bighorn and Badlands National Park
Day 12 – Drive Home

Day’s Driving Map

We will be exploring two different areas of Southern Utah on this day, so there will be several different driving segments, which I have listed below.

Driving to the Corona Arch Hike Area

Summer Parks Trip - Day 7 Driving Map 1

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Driving to Capitol Reef National Park and Then to Campground

Summer Parks Trip - Day 7 Driving Map 2

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Day’s Itinerary

What to See

On this day we will explore two different areas of Southern Utah.  First, we will take a short hike to see the magnificent Corona Arch, Bowtie Arch, Pinto Arch, and Little Rainbow Bridge.  Following these short hikes, we will drive to Capitol Reef National Park and do some exploring before making camp for the night.

Corona Arch Area Hike

Corona Arch Hike Map

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Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park - The Top Things to See Map

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Temple of the Sun (Rough Road)
Temple of the Moon (Rough Road)
Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook (Rough Road)
Twin Rocks
Chimney Rock
Panorama Point
Goosenecks Overlook
The Castle
Hickman Bridge (1.8-Mile Trail)
Capitol Dome
Fruita Barn
Larb Hollow Overlook
Steep Creek Overlook
Homestead Overlook
Strike Valley Overlook (Unpaved Road)
Surprise Canyon (Unpaved Road)
Headquarters Canyon (Unpaved Road)
The Post Corral (Unpaved Road)
Halls Creek Overlook (Unpaved Road)

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Where to Stay

Summer Parks Trip - Day 7 Campgrounds Map

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