Incredible Things to Do in Dubai that will Leave Your Heart Refreshed

When looking at the futuristic wonderland that the city of Dubai is today, it is hard to imagine that as recently as 1991 there was only one skyscraper in the city. Today, the city is home to the world’s tallest four and five start hotels. The government has spent a lot of money ensuring that the city of Dubai is known for its tourism industry as much as it is for oil, and the result is one of the most incredibly modern and amazing cities on the planet. I mean, the city literally has ATM machines that dish out gold instead of cash. Who wouldn’t want to visit an incredible city like that?

Things to Do in Dubai

With so many amazing things to do in Dubai, it can be a little daunting deciding what to add to your travel itinerary. If you want to see it all, you should really spend a week exploring this incredible city. However, if you only have a weekend to spend on your trip, this article outlines just some of the many amazing things to do in Dubai that will leave your heart content.

Explore Motiongate Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai

Built as part of Dubai resorts and parks, the Motiongate Dubai gives visitors an incredible Hollywood experience. Three major Hollywood studios are showcased at this incredible theme park. Themes and characters from DreamWorks Animation, Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures, and Sony Pictures studios are available here. The state-of-the-art park was opened to the public in 2016 and remains one of the most popular things to do in Dubai. However, because it is an outdoor park, you may want to schedule your visit during the winter months when the heat isn’t so much of an issue.

Head to the Top of the Burj Khalifa

Things to Do in Dubai

No list of the top things to do in Dubai would be complete without mentioning the incredible Burg Khalifa. As the world’s tallest building, there is no man-made structure in the world, let along the city of Dubai, that will get you higher. This is the famous structure that Tom Cruise climbed during one of the Mission Impossible moves and you can sit on the platform and actually envision the movie playing out before you.

Visitors can take a high-speed elevator up 160 floors to enjoy some of the most magnificent views of the city. However, make sure you plan your visit right as being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city means that it is often quite busy at the top. If you plan your visit right, you can get your tickets to skip the line for access to the 124th, 125th and 148th floors in the Burj Khalifa.

Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi

Things to Do in Dubai

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is located within Yas Island, a well-known family-friendly entertainment spot. Apart from Yas Waterworld, the island is also home to Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World, Yas Mall and Yas Mall and W Abu Dhabi. It’s only a 15-minute taxi ride away from Abu Dhabi Airport so you’ll be able to take advantage of all the exciting things Yas Island offers!

If you visit Dubai, you won’t want to miss out on getting your Yas Waterworld Tickets Abu Dhabi, as this is one of the most incredible water parks in the world. In fact, the park is the size of fifteen football pitches. The vast park is home to 45 slide rides, as well as other fun special performances and events that are held year-round.

However, Yas Waterworld is more than just a collection of slides. The theme for the park is centered around the “lost pearl”, which tells the story of a young Emirati girl who tries to find a famous lost pearl. This story can be seen in all of the decor around the park, especially in the Jebel Dhanna Tower, which is the park’s largest centerpiece. It is from the perch of this tower that you will see the enormous pearl. So, if you are looking to cool off during a hot day, as well as see one of the top things to see in Dubai, the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi may be just what you are looking for

Skydiving in Palm Jumeirah

Things to Do in Dubai

For travelers seeking a little adventure, there may not be anything on this list of the top things to see in Dubai more adventurous than going skydiving in Palm Jumeirah. This is among the most exciting activities that you can do within Dubai and will be sure to make your visit a memorable one. As you fall from 13,000-feet, with the beauty of Dubai rushing towards you, you will wish the experience could last longer. Not only is it a thrill to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at this height, but the views will take your breath away if the fall doesn’t. So, if you want to put an exclamation mark on your visit to Dubai, you definitely won’t want to miss out on a skydiving adventure in Palm Jumeirah.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Things to Do in Dubai

The city of Dubai may be more well-known for its cityscapes than its wildlife, but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have some great wildlife viewing opportunities. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and will be in Dubai, there is an incredible wildlife sanctuary located just outside the city that is home to thousands of beautiful birds. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known bird watcher’s paradise in Dubai that features one of the world’s most unique and incredible wetlands.

The sanctuary is home to thousands of migratory birds, such as the famous pink flamingos that visitors flock to the sanctuary to see and photograph. Not only are you able to see a lot of incredible bird species, but Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary also offers a number of incredible educational programs, workshops, and talks about the sanctuary. So, if you are looking for something unique on the top things to do in Dubai list, this may be just up your alley!

Ziplining in Aventura Park

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly thru the air like a bird? If so, that dream can become a reality when you book an incredible zip line adventure at Dubai’s Adventura Park. The park covers an area of an incredible 35,000 square meters within the beautiful Ghaf Forest. Not only is Adventura Park home to Dubai’s longest zip line, but it also has a number of other incredible acrobatic activities for visitors to enjoy.

When you are done flying down the zip lines and climbing the fantastic ariel nets, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and the park’s wildlife. Best of all, you don’t have to be a dare devil to enjoy Adventura Park. The park has a variety of different activities and outdoor experiences for people of all ages. So, if you are looking for some great outdoor activities to liven up your visit to Dubai, make sure you check out Adventura Park!

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