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Travel Journal (9/19/2019): Arriving in Cairns

Today we got up early to see a few remaining things in Sydney before catching a plane to head to warmer weather in the tropical north (it still sounds weird to say that). After three days in Sydney, we will be heading to Cairns in Queensland. Here we hope to enjoy some beautiful beaches, head into the rainforest for a tour, and of course snorkel and dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

Travel Journal (9/18/2019): Our Last Day in Sydney

Today was our last full day in Sydney, and we made the most of the day despite a continuation of the rain. There was still quite a bit that we wanted to see and we weren’t going to let a little rain ruin our day. We had a free pass for the Harbour Bridge’s Pylon Lookout that we got from our bridge climb that we wanted to use, and we had a harbour cruise scheduled for the afternoon.

Travel Journal (9/16/2019): Arriving in Sydney

All things considering, we had a very successful first day in Sydney. We arrived at 6:30am after nearly 30 hours of traveling and we weren’t all that tired. Lucky for us, we were able to plan out and execute our sleep fairly well during our travels. The key was not sleeping until the second half of our flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, and then getting a good chunk of rest then. That aligned us up with the daytime and nighttime hours at our destination, which really helped when we landed.

Australia Photo Prep Part 4 – Photography Planning for the Great Ocean Road, Australia

In the fourth installment of my photography planning for the trip, I am going to cover our fourth destination, which is the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne, Australia.  I am going to outline the research I did on what the top photography locations along the Great Ocean Road are, where it is best to photograph in those locations, which time of day it would be best to photograph the locations, and what type of photography equipment I will need to get my desired shots.