Travel Journal (9/11/2018): Last Day on Isabela Island

Today was our last day on Isabela Island, and we certainly made the most of the day. Today was the only day on this trip so far where we were allowed to sleep in a bit. Our tour guide was scheduled to pick us up from our hotel at 11:00am, so we had some time to relax first thing in the morning.

At 11:00am, our tour guide picked us up and brought us to the docks on Isabela. From there we would set out to first visit an islet in the middle of the ocean that is frequented by Blue Footed Boobies, sea lions, and pelicans.

The islet was absolutely amazing. The ocean was really rough this morning and the waves crashing against the rock were spectacular. I got some great video of this that shows just how big these waves were because the pictures really don’t do it justice.

After checking out the islet, and the Blue Footed Boobies that were resting on top of the rock, we headed next to the Finados snorkeling site off of Isabela Island. Here, we would get to check out the lava tunnels and snorkel with White Tip Sharks, rays, sea turtles, giant sea horses, and lots of colorful fish. To our delight, we also got to see an Octopus. Again, it is so amazing to see these animals in their natural habitat.

When our tour was finished, we had some time to walk around and further explore the island. Isabella Island is such a beautiful place that there really is no shortage of amazing things to explore and photograph.

Tomorrow morning we have another really early wake-up call. At 5:15 our tour operator will be picking us up to take a boat back to Santa Cruz island. There, we will be visiting the Charles Darwin Research Center and get to see Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat. We cannot wait! That’s it for tonight. I will check-in again after tomorrow’s adventures.

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  1. LOVED Galapagos Islands. We produced two videos on Floppy Had Adventures’ YouTube channel chronicling four days there. Check it out! Great pieces, by the way.

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