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Travel Journal (9/28/2019): Shifting Plans

Greetings from Queenstown, New Zealand! This will be a rather quick update because we are dealing with some shifting plans because of weather.

Today we took a wine tour thru the Central Otago wine region on New Zealand’s South island. The tour was great, our guide was very friendly and knowledgable, and the people we met on our tour were fantastic. I will be sure to provide a more detailed update on the tour tomorrow.

This morning I was supposed to Sky Dive in Queenstown, but it got pushed back because of the wind. Because we need to get to Te Anu tonight for our Milford Sound cruise tomorrow morning, I can’t push back the skydiving today.

Instead, I will be skydiving in a few days when we get to Wanaka. It should be equally as beautiful there.

Speaking of our Milford Sound cruise, the road to Milford Sound has been closed the last few days because of avalanche risks. We discovered that this road closes every time it rains or snows because of avalanche risk, which is about 50% of the days of the year.

As of right now, the road is scheduled to be open tomorrow for our tour. If not, we will need to either move our tour back a day or switch it to Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound is equally as beautiful, but a longer tour because it is harder to get to. For that reason, only one tour operator currently operates in Doubtful Sound. It is, however, typically open rain or shine.

So, we have a lot to consider and a lot of logistics to coordinate. I will be sure to check back in as soon as we have all this sorted out and let you know how our adventures unfolded. Until then!

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