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The Art of Travel Photography – Milford Sound Photography Guide

Milford Sound is one of this world’s most stunningly beautiful locations, but it can also be a very challenging location to photograph.  Between heavy moisture, ever-changing weather conditions, and rocking boats, it can be difficult to come away from a visit to Milford Sound with the high-quality photographs you desire.  If you aren’t prepared, you may come away from a visit to Milford Sound without any eye-popping shots, or worse yet, without any working camera equipment.

The Ultimate Milford Track Hiking Guide

The Milford Track may not get the press that the Inca Trail gets, but from someone who has visited both Machu Picchu and Fiordland National Park, I can assure you that both of these hikes go thru some equally stunning landscapes.  Both of these landscapes involve epic mountain ranges that are bordered by rainforests.  Just like the Inca Trail, the Milford Track takes you thru the mountains and rain forest and leaves you speechless at the beauty.

Travel Journal (9/27/2019): Arriving in Queenstown

After a day of great hiking in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, we got up early today to continue our trek South on New Zealand’s South Island. Little did I know that our next destination would capture my heart like few other locations I’ve traveled ever have.

Widely recognized as the adventure capital of the world, the city of Queenstown has everything that a travel fanatic and outdoor adventure enthusiast would ever want in a destination. From beautiful mountain vistas, to amazing restaurants, to a seemingly never ending array of adventure activities, Queenstown has it all.