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Africa Travel Blog (9/15/22): Touring Cape Town

There are a ton of incredible things to see and do in the city of Cape Town and the surrounding area, and on our first full day in the city, we tried to do as many of those things as possible. The city really does have it all. If you love beautiful coastlines, it has some of the prettiest coastlines in the world. If you want to stare at amazing mountain vistas, Table Mountain and the surrounding peaks are gorgeous and a blast to explore. And for the wildlife lovers out there, the city has Cape Fur Seals and African Penguins to adore. In this Africa travel blog update, I share some of my favorite pictures from our sightseeing that we did today and talk about all of the things that have made me fall in love with Cape Town.

Africa Travel Blog (9/14/22): Arriving in Cape Town, South Africa

After spending the last few days exploring the amazing Garden Route National Park, it was time for us to move on. We have headed further South down the coast of South Africa to the incredible city of Cape Town. Not only does Cape Town have an incredible coastline of its own, but it is also famous for having some of the world’s most spectacular coastal mountains. The infamous Table Mountain seems to cradle the city against the coastline and provides one of the most unique and beautiful city backdrops that I have ever seen. In this Africa travel blog update, I discuss our travel to Cape Town and what we were able to see on the first day of our visit.

Africa Travel Blog (9/12/22): Arriving in George, South Africa

After wrapping up on safari at Kruger National Park yesterday we headed back to Johannesburg to catch a flight to the Southern coast of South Africa to explore the coastline and the incredible Garden Route National Park. We have rented a car in the area, so we should be able to see all of the spots that I have been wanting to explore in the park for some time. We were originally planning on golfing in the area, but we have decided to spend our time fully exploring this beautiful coastline instead. If you are into landscape photography, this is a destination that should be very high on your bucket list. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. I cannot wait to share my photographs of the area with you!

Africa Travel Blog (9/10/22): Kruger National Park Safari

Hello from Kruger National Park! Today was our last full day on safari in the Greater Kruger National Park area and I wanted to spend this post talking a bit more about my thoughts on the animals we have seen on safari as well as how I think safari in Kruger compares to the safaris that I went on in Tanzania. Until you actually go on safari in Africa, it is really hard to understand just how incredible it is to see these wild animals in their natural habitat. The behavior of the animals is different, and the experience is much more intense than seeing these animals in a zoo. And while the experiences that I have had on safari are very similar to my safaris in Tanzania in many ways, in some ways they also couldn’t be more different. I am very much looking forward to sharing more about these experiences with you.

Africa Travel Blog (9/9/22): Our First Full Day in Greater Kruger

Today we continued our time on safari in the Greater Kruger National Park area. After five long years, it is great to be back in Africa and back on safari. There is something so profoundly spiritual about being in such a wild place. The sound of the African bush at night is something that has left an imprint on my soul and is something that will never leave me. I remember feeling so alive when I was in Tanzania back in 2017 and heard hyenas outside our campground at night in the Serengeti. I got the same feeling when I went skydiving in New Zealand and when I went paragliding in Peru. It is a feeling that I have been chasing ever since I took my first travel adventure, and I am so happy it is back.

Africa Travel Blog (9/6/22): Heading Back to Africa

The day has finally come! Today we head back to Africa! It seems like far too long since I have been able to travel internationally, and way too long since I have set foot in beautiful Africa. As I board my plane for a long flight overseas, I thought I would give you a refresher on my itinerary in case you wanted to follow along with my adventures. I am also going to let you know what you can expect from me in terms of updates as I explore some of Africa’s most beautiful landscapes and go back on safari.

Africa Travel Blog (9/8/22): Arriving in Kruger National Park

Today marks the first real day of our trip, and I couldn’t be more excited. We were picked up at our hotel in Johannesburg by our safari tour operator and we made the long drive from Johannesburg up to Kruger National Park. We will be doing most of our exploring within the Central Kruger area, with most of our game drives happening within the Balule Private Game Reserve and the area of Kruger National Park around Orpen-Satara-Nwandedzi. If you aren’t already, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook as I will be posting a ton of video and photo highlights from our safari game drives.