Africa Travel Blog (9/18/22): Safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

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Today is a bittersweet day for us as it was the last day that we will be going on safari for this trip. It seems like the travel gods sensed our sadness as they left some of the best wildlife viewing experiences for us on our trip to Zimbabwe’s famed Hwange National Park today. If I haven’t said it enough times, let me tell you again that Zimbabwe is an absolutely stunning country.

In addition to having some of the kindest people that I have met in my travels, the country is one of the prettiest I have visited as well. And while South Africa and Botswana seem to get most of the buzz when it comes to safari tourism, we were absolutely blown away by what we saw in Hwange today. In today’s Africa travel blog post, I share some of my favorite photos and experiences while on safari for you to enjoy.

After visiting Chobe National Park in Botswana yesterday, the famed Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe had some very big expectations to live up to today. Like Chobe, Hwange is renowned for its large herds of elephants and strong populations of predators, such as lions. It is also home to the incredible African Wild Dog Rehabilitation Center, which is doing important work to rebuild the populations of this critically endangered animal in Africa.

While we didn’t have nearly as good of luck with predators in Hwange as we did in Chobe, visiting this beautiful national park was an amazing experience none the less. The park certainly lived up to its reputation of having very large herds of elephants to enjoy. Like Chobe, where the elephants congregated near the river, in Hwange the elephants seemed to congregate around the park’s many watering holes. This made seeing large herds within the park almost a certainty during the dry season.

Unlike Chobe, the elephants in Hwange seemed to be a bit more on edge. While we were able to watch baby elephants play in the water a ton in Chobe, the elephants in Hwange seemed to be a lot more skittish when babies were around. They would often huddle around the babies or run when our vehicle got remotely close to them. I am guessing the stress levels of the elephants in Hwange have a lot to do with poaching, which makes me sad.

Our guide in Hwange was absolutely incredible and managed to find some lions in the park near the end of the day, but they were quite a way off the road and getting quality pictures of them was difficult. We did get to see them though, which is always lucky when on safari. In the next few months, I will be creating quite a bit of content for Zimbabwe and a thorough guide on visiting Hwange National Park is in the works. So, if you plan on visiting the area in the future, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that!

Tomorrow is our last day in the Victoria Falls area before we start to make our long journey home and we plan on visiting the renowned Victoria Falls itself. Nicknamed the “Smoke that Thunders”, this waterfall has been on my bucket list of things to see for years, so I am super excited to finally be able to visit! Until then, safe travels!

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