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      Josh Hewitt


      1. Check Existing Topics before posting – Make sure you check to see if someone else already asked your question before posting a question topic. This will reduce clutter and help make questions and answers easier to find.
      2. No Question is a Bad Question – I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t ask a question on these forums because they feel embarrassed or intimidated. These forums are for ALL users and ANY question should be asked.
      3. Please Help Answer Questions – If you know the answer to a question that has been posted on the forums, please answer the questions you can. Again, just like no question is a bad question, no answer is a bad answer.
      4. Use Descriptive Post Titles – Please be as descriptive as possible in your post titles so that others will know what your post concerns. Using titles like “Question” makes it difficult for others to find your questions to answer them.
      5. Introduce Yourself – If this is your first time visiting these forums, make sure you take the time to introduce yourself. We are a community of travelers and I like to think the travel community is a tight-knit group. Let us know a bit about yourself and your travel interests and take some time to learn a little bit about other travelers.
      6. Welcome New Members – If you see someone on the forums that are new, make sure you take the time to greet them and let them know you are happy they are here. The more we grow this community, the better the community will be for everyone.


      1. No discussion of illegal activity – This will get you permanently banned immediately. So please, don’t.
      2. No use of explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images and/or messages, including racist remarks – This will also earn your a permanent ban, so please be kind to others.
      3. No posts that attack, insult, defame, or abuse members or visitors – Treat other people on these forums the way you would like to be treated yourself. Be respectful of others. We can disagree, if we do so respectfully without making fun of or belittling other members. If things get too heated, take a step back and let things cool down before replying.
      4. No advertising or links to advertising or “Spam” is permitted – Feel free to post links to your blog posts or other content that is travel related, but refrain from posting links to paid services, product advertisements, sign-ups, donation requests (without approval), or any other solicitation. If you do so, it will be removed and you will be warned. Break the rule a second time and your account will be suspended.
      5. No use of multiple usernames – If you do this and get caught, you risk losing all of your accounts.
      6. No posts of copyrighted material – If you plagiarize, your content will be removed and you will be warned. Do it again and you risk having your account be suspended.
      7. Don’t Post Whole Articles – If you would like to post a reference to something, that is fine. However, you should summarize in your post and then include a link to the original content instead of posting a whole article. This will help keep the forums clutter-free.
      8. Refrain from Posting Political or Religious Opinions – Be mindful that we all have different beliefs. Please avoid posting anything that can be interpreted as mocking other people’s political or religious beliefs. This isn’t a forum where political or religious debates are acceptable. Everyone should feel comfortable posting here.
      9. Do not disrespect moderators – If you are asked to stop doing something, please stop doing it. The moderators are here to make sure the forums are a comfortable place for everyone. If you have an issue with the moderation, please send an email to with your concerns.
      10. NO YELLING! – Remember, typing in all capital letters is considered yelling and is rude and distracting to other forum members. Please, don’t yell.
      11. Don’t Post Personal Contact Info – Your safety is our concern and you shouldn’t be handing out your personal information to other forum members. If someone asks you for your personal information, please let the moderators know immediately.
        If we see any personal information in posts, we will remove it immediately.

      Please take the time to read and understand the rules above. Also, please understand that these rules can change at any time, so please try and reference them regularly. Anyone that posts in violation of these rules and guidelines is subject to having their posts edited or removed or having their account suspended or banned. If you have any questions or issues with these forums or its moderation, please direct them to

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