Travel Journal (9/22/2019): Arriving in Melbourne

This morning we got up early, adjusted our luggage to make sure we complied with the baggage restrictions of a third different airline on this trip, then caught a cab to the airport. Our next stop was the vibrant city of Melbourne on Australia’s southern coast.

Upon touching down in the early afternoon, we caught a shuttle ride to our hotel on Flinders Street in downtown Melbourne. We thought about taking a cab ride, but were told that it would cost us roughly $80 Australian for a ride from the airport to downtown.

The Sky Shuttle service that we used was pretty reasonably priced and efficient. It didn’t take us right to our hotel (but could have if we had been willing to wait an extra 30 minutes), but we were able to use the free tram service to get from our drop-off spot to our hotel fairly quickly.

After checking in and dropping off our luggage, we stepped out into the city to start exploring. We saw some of the amazing street art (or graffiti as it is otherwise known) throughout the city. This includes an entire alleyway that was full of street art and even had some artists working on new art as we watched.

Another thing that we were told about Melbourne before we visited is that it is known for its food scene. The city has an abundance of amazing restaurants that we were anxious to try. We found an authentic Italian restaurant with fresh made pasta and it was delicious!

We are checking in early tonight as we have full day tours the next two days that run late. Tomorrow we tour the Great Ocean Road, which I am absolutely jacked-up about. Expect some amazing photographs tomorrow!

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