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Attention Travelers – Introducing My New Travel Discussion Forums

When I started this blog a few years ago, my primary goal was to pass along some of the travel related wisdom that I have picked up over my years of travel.  However, it was also to spark conversation about travel and learn some things from you, my fellow travel enthusiasts.  The comments, tips, feedback, and encouragement that I have gotten from you in the comments of my articles over the years have been spectacular.  Some of the great tips and feedback you have provided I have already factored into my own travel planning processes and even passed on some of the wisdom to others.


In an effort to continue to engage my readers in conversation (not only with me but amongst each other) so that we can all continue to learn together, I have decided to add a forums section to my blog.  I want there to be a place of record where visitors can turn to in order to ask a travel-related question and then get honest answers, advice, and feedback from other travelers.  I have already created several threads to elicit feedback from you and will continue to do so in the months ahead.  However, I also encourage you to ask any travel-related questions that might be on your mind.  Not just for me to answer, but for others to answer and weigh in on as well.

Absolutely no pressure.  If you don’t have anything to say and just want to read, that is perfectly fine too.  I don’t expect these forums to be rocking with activity overnight, but I do want people to feel like they have a place to comfortably ask questions if the need arises and they really need feedback.  And as always – feedback is welcome and encouraged!

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