Instagram Travel Photography: Chobe National Park Lion Cub

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Chobe National Park Lion Cub

Chobe National Park, Botswana

They say that you need to be lucky to see a leopard in the wild. They are absolutely right, as I have yet to see one in the wild and I have been on safari in four different countries in Africa. However, I learned on my most recent trip to Africa that you need a bit of luck to see any predator while on safari, including the African lion.

We were a bit spoiled when we visited Tanzania in 2017, as we saw lions on each of the days that we went on a safari during our visit. During my most recent trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, we weren’t quite as lucky. We managed to see lions several times, so I am certainly not complaining, but I am even more aware of how absolutely special seeing these creatures in the wild really is.

One of my favorite lion sightings on our recent trip was an encounter that we had in the fabled Chobe National Park in Botswana. We had a wonderful day on safari up until that point. We had seen gigantic herds of elephants, an up-close Cape Buffalo encounter, hippos, and crocodiles galore. We even saw an elephant swim across the Chobe River. However, by later afternoon, we had yet to see a predator.

We were about to head back in for the day when we rounded a corner and came across the most beautiful pride of lions I have ever seen. Lions in Chobe (especially the famed Savuti region) and the Okavango Delta are roughly 15% bigger than lions in the rest of Africa because of the size of prey they hunt (in Savuti they specialize in hunting elephants). So, the lions in this pride were the biggest I had ever seen.

They even had the most adorable cubs, like this beauty here. We didn’t stay long, as we didn’t want to interfere with them too much, but I was able to get a lot of great photographs that I will cherish. What is your favorite wildlife photo that you’ve taken?

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  1. This is such a great lion poser. We really loved visiting on Safari.

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