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Travel Journal (9/16/2019):  Arriving in Sydney

Travel Journal (9/16/2019): Arriving in Sydney

All things considering, we had a very successful first day in Sydney. We arrived at 6:30am after nearly 30 hours of traveling and we weren’t all that tired. Lucky for us, we were able to plan out and execute our sleep fairly well during our travels. The key was not sleeping until the second half of our flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, and then getting a good chunk of rest then. That aligned us up with the daytime and nighttime hours at our destination, which really helped when we landed.

Travel Journal (9/14/2019):  Australia – Here We Come!

Travel Journal (9/14/2019): Australia – Here We Come!

It is my goal to take you with us every step of the way on this trip, so I have put a lot of thought into how I am going to provide you will updates as we move from one adventure to the next.  While I won’t be publishing any detailed guides while I am away, I will be posting quite a few journal entries here on the blog that you can read and provide quite a few social media posts with updates on our experiences.  In case you are interested, I have included our rough itinerary below as well as what my plan is for providing updates on the blog and my various social media accounts.

Travel Journal (2/16/2019):  Door County Getaway

Travel Journal (2/16/2019): Door County Getaway

The conditions were almost perfect this weekend for some spectacular sunsets up North in Door County, Wisconsin, so I decided to take an impromptu road trip this weekend.

If you aren’t familiar with Wisconsin, Door County is the peninsula that extends into Lake Michigan to the North of the city of Green Bay. My destination was my favorite state park on Door County, if not all of Wisconsin, Peninsula State Park. I included a map below so that you can see exactly where I headed.

A New Year – Our 2019 Travel Plans

A New Year – Our 2019 Travel Plans

This past year was another banner travel year for us, with so many new places seen and familiar places revisited.  Even if you have been somewhere before, it can seem almost new if you haven’t been there in a while.  It seems no matter how often I visit Southern Utah, I am always discovering something new and fascinating when I visit.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, I put together a post on my Top Photographs from 2018 and there are some images I am pretty proud of in there.

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