Instagram Travel Photography: Greater Kruger Park Area

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Baby Elephant

Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa

Instagram Travel Photography

What can I say about Kruger National Park in South Africa other than it is one of the most amazing and incredible wildlife destinations in the world.  Not only is it one of the few places remaining in Africa where you can see Africa’s “Big Five” animals, but the concentration of wildlife in the park is just truly astounding to me as well.

When we visited Kruger National Park this past autumn, we were blown away by the beauty and rich diversity of wildlife.  Everything from the large apex predators to the wide array of beautiful bird species.  Everywhere we looked, there seemed to be another incredible animal to spot.

One of my favorite sightings from our visit was a large elephant herd heading down to the river to play in the water and get a drink.  Among the herd was this little one, who turned to us as the herd made its way to the water and gave us the most adorable little trumpet.  Elephants have so much personality and it’s an absolute joy to watch them in the wild.

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