The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

Floating Restaurant-4742

The Rock restaurant is a very well known and popular restaurant in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  The restaurant is built upon a rock outcropping off the coast, making it one of the more beautiful restaurants we have ever visited.  This is especially so at high tide, when you have to actually take a boat to get to the restaurant.

Floating Restaurant-4756

Dine on Zanzibar’s finest seafood, all while getting a 360 degree view of the ocean and beautiful coastline.  The food is very good, and the staff could not have been more friendly.  If you are ever in Zanzibar, the Rock restaurant is an absolute must see.

Floating Restaurant-4773.jpg

Visiting the Rock

Want to get a sense of what it is like to dine at the Rock?  Check out this short video to get a feel for one of this world’s most beautiful restaurants.

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