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Carry-On Checklist


Making sure your carry-on bag is organized is essential to maximizing your comfort on a plane ride.

When traveling, it is important to have your carry-on bag organized so that you have what you need to make it thru a long flight.  To help you make sure you aren’t forgetting anything important, we’ve put together this list that you can use.

TRIP: __________________________

DATE: __________________________

Boarding Passes
Travel Itinerary
Medical Insurance\Travel Insurance Card
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Sleep Mask
Travel Pillow
Water Bottle
Chewing Gum
Hand Sanitizer
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
 Pain Relievers and Other Medications
 Reading Materials

If there is something that you think should be added to this list, please leave us a suggestion in the comments section.  We love getting your feedback!

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