Egypt, Jordan, and Israel Middle East Trip Planning

It has been over two years since I have travelled internationally, so it is really hard for me to convey to you just how excited I am to be writing another blog article about upcoming international travel. Earlier this month, we started the process of planning our trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and I haven’t been able to stop smiling since. In any year, this trip would be hugely important to me because I have wanted to visit Northern Africa and the Middle East for quite some time. However, in the aftermath of nearly two years of quarantines and moratoriums on travel, this Middle East trip feels like it is even more significant.

Middle East Trip - Wadi Rum

So far in my travels, I have visited all except for two continents – Asia and Antarctica. While I am still planning on visiting a number of other countries in Asia in the upcoming years, I will be able to technically cross Asia off my list after this Middle East trip as both Israel and Jordan are technically on the continent of Asia. I will also be making a return trip to the continent of Africa for the first time since visiting Tanzania back in 2017. Africa is such an incredible continent and I am so excited to be able to explore North Africa for the first time. In addition, I am also very excited to be able to explore two more of this world’s cultural treasures. I was so thankful to be able to cross Machu Picchu off my bucket list back in 2018, and to be able to visit the Great Pyramids and Petra this year will be an amazing experience that I am very much looking forward to sharing with you.


Middle East Trip - Petra

Upcoming in the Next Several Months

As excited as I am to go on this Middle East trip in the autumn, I am even more excited to start sharing my travel planning process and the visitor guides, photography guides, and itineraries that I make post-travel with you. I am a person who actually likes planning for travel about as much as I like traveling itself. There is something so rewarding about researching a destination, visiting and experiencing it, and then teaching others about how to enjoy that destination. That is why I started this travel blog and my travel vlog, and it is why I invest so much of my own personal time into developing content. In the next several months before my Middle East trip, you can expect to see a number of articles from me, including the following:

  • Closer look at my Cairo, Egypt Travel Plans
  • Overview of what I plan on seeing in Jordan
  • A look at what I plan on seeing in Israel
  • My Cairo, Egypt Photography Planning Guide
  • My Petra, Jordan Photography Planning Guide
  • My Israel Photography Planning Guide

Middle East Trip – Egypt Travel Plans

Middle East Trip - Great Pyramids

As I mentioned above, this Middle East trip will be the first time that I have visited Africa since visiting Tanzania back in 2017 and my first trip to North Africa. I am very excited to explore this area of the world and to see some of the renown cultural treasures in the Cairo area. The plan is to see the Great Pyramids and tour some of the world-renown museums in the city, as well as explore the city’s markets, try the local food, and learn more about the local culture. I wish I had more time to explore other destinations in Egypt, but because of the timeline of my trip, I think I will only be able to spend three or four days exploring the Cairo area on this Middle East trip.

Middle East Trip – Jordan Travel Plans

Middle East Trip - Wadi Rum

Ever since seeing the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as a child, I have wanted to visit Jordan and see the incredible archeological sites at Petra with my own eyes. When I started watching the Departures travel series a number of years ago, seeing that crew visit Jordan and explore the sites at Petra only cemented that desire for me. I plan on fulfilling the dream of exploring Petra on this Middle East trip, but my bucket list of things to see in Jordan has only grown in the past few years. In addition to seeing Petra, I also plan on exploring beautiful sites like Wadi Rum (pictured above) and other amazing things in Jordan on this trip as well. Again, learning more about the local culture will be as rewarding for me as photographing some of the country’s famous landscapes will be.

Middle East Trip – Israel Travel Plans

Middle East Trip - Israel

The last country that I will be visiting on my upcoming Middle East trip is the beautiful country of Israel, which has been on my bucket list of destinations to visit for years. There are so many beautiful and historically significant spots in Israel to tour that it would take me pages to list them. Three of the world’s largest religions have important religious spots in the country and I cannot wait to learn about them all, all while trying to better understand the local cultures and traditions. I am still putting together my travel plans, but I hope to be able to tour Jerusalem and some of the country’s other historically important areas on this Middle East trip.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. It’s great to finally feel like you can look forward to travel without worrying it will all come crashing down. Happy planning!

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