New Travel Vlog Episode – Tanzania Safari Advice and Itinerary

Ever since Doctor David Livingstone ventured into the interior of Africa in search of the origins of the Nile River, people from around the world have been curious about the animals and landscapes on this beautiful continent. In many ways, the Tanzania that Livingstone explored has changed a great deal since his time, but in other ways, it is much the same. In my Tanzania safari travel vlog, I will show you that the same incredible animals that he ran into and some of the beautiful landscapes that he traversed can still be enjoyed by visitors.

Tanzania Safari Travel Vlog

If you are in the early stages of planning your safari, let me first tell you how excited I am for you, as this will be an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.  For those of you who might not be immediately planning on going on safari, but are interested, let me tell you with every fiber of my being that you should make that dream come true.  As you will see in my Tanzania safari travel vlog, the sacrifices to get there and go on safari are worth it a thousand times over.

Tanzania Safari Travel Vlog
The Essential Safari Packing List

Located in Southeastern Africa, the country of Tanzania is a wildlife traveler’s dream. It is home to many of Africa’s most amazing animals, has some of the world’s best wildlife viewing destinations, and is home to Africa’s tallest mountain. In this Tanzania safari travel vlog , I am going to help you start planning your safari trip to Tanzania by outlining some of the country’s top parks, showing you what my recommended safari looks like, and giving you my recommendations on what to pack for your safari experience.

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