The 22 Best Travel Accessories for 2022

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Even during a year without lingering pandemic questions, travel can be a stressful endeavor. Don’t get me wrong, travel can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences that you can have in life. However, the doldrums of packing, navigating airports and airport security, and the other tedious aspects of travel can really wear on you. These stresses can be compounded if you aren’t prepared to deal with them. That is why having the right travel accessories with you when you travel is so important.

Travel Accessories for 2022

The right travel accessories can help make you more comfortable during a long flight, make sure your stuff stays organized during the chaos of travel, keep you safe while on a new travel adventure, and help you capture the wonderful memories you make while traveling. That is why I am such a big fan of travel accessories and spend quite a bit of my time researching and trying different accessories during my travels. Out of all of the travel accessories that I have tried over the past few years, I have created this list of my top 22 travel accessories for 2022 that I am recommending to you. All of these accessories I have personally tried and love. Each of these accessories has made traveling easier or more enjoyable for me, which is why I want to share these travel accessories with you.

Personalized Travel Map from Conquest Maps

Best Travel Accessories

This is my all-time favorite travel accessory, which is why you see me writing about it quite a bit.  When I was a younger man, I made my own travel pin board map.  I loved that map dearly, but I will be the first to admit that it looked more like a home craft project than a stylish piece of home décor.  Conquest Maps hits the ball out of the park with their stylish and beautiful travel maps and decals.  If you haven’t taken a look at their products yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.  It is a great way to map out your adventures!

Price: $29 and Up

Visit Conquest Maps

Black Diamond Contact Crampons

Travel Accessories for 2022

For those of you who are into adventure travel and love the mountains, I can think of few other pieces of gear that are as important as a good pair of crampons. Exploring in the mountains can be an incredibly beautiful and spiritual endeavor, but it can also be dangerous. Ascending steep slopes that are covered with ice and snow can, and often does, lead to tragedy. If you love to travel to explore the mountains, then I would definitely recommend picking up a reliable pair of crampons that you can use when you need them. I have had this pair of Black Diamond contact crampons for a few years now and I absolutely love them. In fact, I think so highly of them that I have added them to my list of the top travel accessories for 2022 because of how well they work.


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Matein Expandable Carry-On Backpack

Travel Accessories for 2022

If you take a lot of short trips, or trips that require you to hop around a lot and have to lug your bags on and off of public transportation, then you are going to love this accessory. This expandable carry-on backpack by Matein functions just like a suitcase, but it can be worn very comfortably on your back. Not only is the bag configured for storage like a suitcase, so that it maximizes what you can pack, but it fits on your back ergonomically better than any suitecase\backpack hybrid that I have tried.

Both are important because packing everything you need can sometimes be a challenge and having to carry an uncomfortable bag can make you miserable. However, arguably the best part about this bag is that it is very affordably priced. This neat bag has become my go-to bag when I am taking short trips or have to move around a lot, which is why it is among my list of top travel accessories for 2022.


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Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Wireless Headphones

Travel Accessories for 2022

This is one of the best travel accessories I have seen hit the market in some time. If you travel with others or frequent hostels quite a bit during your travels, you are going to love this Bluetooth sleep eye mask with wireless headphones. No longer will you have to worry about having trouble getting to sleep because lights are on, or your roommates are being too noisy at night. So, if you or someone you travel with has trouble falling asleep, this might be the perfect travel accessory to try out this year. I have enjoyed using this mask so much that I have included it on my list of the best travel accessories for 2022.

Price: $18.99

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EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter\Wall Charger

Travel Accessories for 2022

If you travel a lot internationally, then you are going to really love this all-in-one international power adapter by NWEVANGA.  With this adapter in hand, you will be prepared to use or charge your devices in over 150 different countries.  Two available USB ports make it quick and easy to charge your phone and other USB devices while the built-in surge protector will protect your devices from electrical surges.  Best of all, its light and compact design make it very easy to pack. No list of the top travel accessories for 2022 would be complete without a universal charger on the list and this one is the top pick out there in my opinion.

Price: $22.99

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Frelaxy Compression Sacks

Travel Accessories for 2022

For all of your adventure travelers who have trouble getting all of your gear packed and keeping it organized, this accessory is right up your alley. I did a lot of backpacking this past year and I needed a way to keep my gear compact and organized as I traveled and as I hit the trails. Ordinary duffle bags are great for keeping your gear organized, but they aren’t so useful when space is limited. That’s why I love these compression sacks by Frelaxy. The compress to be less than half as big as the bag is uncompressed, which goes a long way to saving space when it is at a premium. I love these bags so much that I now own a dozen of them. If you are an adventure traveler who needs a space-saving solution, it won’t take you long after trying these compression sacks to realize why they are on my list of the best travel accessories for 2022.


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Unitron Portable Cell Phone Holder

Travel Accessories for 2022

If you love to use your smartphone as a way to pass the time on long flights, but never seem to be able to find a good way to brace your phone as you watch movies or listen to music, you will love this travel accessory. The Unitron Portable Cell Phone Holder is great at bracing your phone in place, so you don’t have to hold it the entire flight. The adjustable grip on the base allows you to fasten it to the seat in front of you or the tray table. That way, should you need to get up to use the restroom, you won’t have to worry about reconfiguring your phone when you return. I love this device so much that I don’t ever fly without it anymore. If you are always on your phone during flights, you might want to consider investing in one of these cell phone holders from Unitron as well.


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Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Travel Accessories for 2022

If you have traveled to a very hot destination where air conditioning is a rarity, then you definitely understand why this travel air cooling fan is on my list of the top travel accessories for 2022. Trying to get to sleep when it feels like you are in an oven is an absolutely miserable experience. So much so that I wrote a whole blog article on Ten Tips to Survive Hotels and Hostels with No Air Conditioning. While I would definitely recommend reading that article, I would also suggest purchasing this small travel fan that blows air cooling water mist to take with you as well. Believe me, you will be so glad you did.

Price: $34.99

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Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes with Laundry Bag & Shoe Bag

Travel Accessories for 2022

If packing for a trip is your worst nightmare, then these packing organizational cubes from Veken are certain to pique your interest. Not only do these travel cubes make it easier to pack your suitcase efficiently, but they also make it much easier for you to stay organized while traveling. One of the smartest uses of the travel cubes that I have seen while traveling is one family that had one large suitcase on their trip with each person getting one large travel cube within that bag.  Absolutely genius! I have been using a variety of different travel packing cubes for years now, but recently upgraded to this set. I love the fact that they also come with a laundry bag and a shoe bag. They make it even easier for me to keep my stuff organized during the chaos of travel. I love this set of packing cubes, which is why I think they are among the best travel accessories for 2022.

Price: $25.99

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BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket\Pillow Combo

Travel Accessories for 2022

One of the worst things about long-haul flights is finding a way to get comfortable. Sure, if you have the money to fly first class, it’s much easier. However, for those of us who don’t have the money to fly first class internationally, we need to be creative to find ways to stay comfortable. One of the best ways to do that is to take advantage of travel accessories like this pillow and blanket combo from BlueHills. This soft, durable travel blanket is great for keeping you warm on long flights. When not using it as a blanket, it folds up neatly into a pillow that you can use to rest your head. It’s like a transformer, except for comfort travel. The quality and flexibility of this combo blanket and pillow are what attracted me to it and are what makes it one of the top travel accessories for 2022.


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3 Packs-CDC Vaccination Card Protector for Travel

Even though the world is starting to really open back up after a few years of on-and-off lockdowns, you will still need to be prepared if you want to travel internationally. To visit many countries, and even return home to yours, you will need to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination and even booster. This means that your vaccination card will be as important a travel document as your password when traveling internationally. Because of its importance, I would strongly suggest that you treat it accordingly. This means you will want to protect the card from damage. This slick three-pack of vaccination card protectors will make sure that you and your travel companions are prepared to show vaccination when needed when you take your next big trip.


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Venture Pal 40L Packable Travel Hiking Backpack

If you are a serious hiker, then you probably have more than one backpack to use when you go hiking. I have at least a half dozen bags that I use depending on how long of a hike I am taking and what type of gear I need. However, if you are a casual hiker that is looking for a great backpack to use when taking short hikes during your travels, then I have just the bag for you. This 40-liter packable hiking backpack is one of the top travel accessories for 2022 for several reasons.

It’s comfortable to wear, it has a lot of great compartments for organizing your travel accessories, and it is really lightweight, yet durable. However, my favorite part about this bag is that it is packable. That’s right, this bag folds up into a small enough size where you can actually pack it in your suitcase quite easily. This means you won’t need to worry about carrying it onto a plane, checking it with the airline, or lugging it around on your trip when you don’t need it.


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Inflatable Wine Protector Bags

This is an item that I had on my list of travel accessories last year, and it was a huge hit with readers. Really, it isn’t hard to understand why this set of inflatable wine bags is so popular with travelers. A lot of travelers like to go on wine tours and purchase wine to take home when visiting popular wine regions but shipping that wine back home is outrageously expensive. These innovative wine protectors are lightweight and do an amazing job of keeping your precious wine bottles safe and sound in your checked luggage. That’s why it was a no-brainer to add these incredible bags to my list of the best travel accessories for 2022 as well.

Price: $26.99 for 50-Pack

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Anker PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger

If you are a travel photographer or just have lots of electronics that you carry with you when you travel, then this portable travel charger is going to be a lifesaver for you.  Not only does it allow you to charge two devices at once, but its 20,100mAh capacity means that you can charge devices over-and-over before you have to recharge your portable charger.  This can be a game-changer on long trips where you will need to recharge your phone or camera batteries while on the go. That is why I consider travel chargers to be one of the top travel accessories you can invest in and why I absolutely cannot live without my Anker PowerCore 20100. If you are an avid travel photographer, this might be my pick for the top travel accessory for 2022 for you.

Price: $49.99

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Zoppen RFID Travel Passport & Documents Wallet

Best Travel Accessories

When you are traveling, there are few things more important than keeping your travel documents safe and organized.  Without your passport, your immunization forms, your credit cards, your driver’s license, and other important documents, your trip can turn into a disaster really fast.  However, in today’s information age, it isn’t good enough to just keep the documents out of the hands of strangers.  With RF scanning devices, your information can get stolen from you without ever leaving your hands.  That is why this great RF Scanning Proof Passport and Documents Wallet is such a valuable travel tool.  It will help you keep your important information safe and secure from all threats, which is why it is on my list of the best travel accessories for 2022.

Price: $16.99

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128GB Memory Stick for External iPhone Photo Storage

Out of all the new accessories on this list of the best travel accessories for 2022, this is probably my favorite. If you are into travel photography like I am, then you have probably run into issues with photo and video storage while traveling. It can be a real letdown to want to take a photograph of something incredible with your phone, only to be forced to remove other photos before you will have enough room to take more. While they have made portable devices for offloading photos from your phone for years, those devices are often clunky and require cables or a WIFI connection to work. With this brilliant new device, all you need to do is plug it into your phone’s lightning port to start offloading your pictures and videos. It is super-fast, convenient, and affordable, which is why I think you’ll love it!


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Aokin Phone Camera Lens Kit

If you love to take pictures when you travel, but don’t want to spend the money on an expensive DSLR or new camera, then this is a great option for you.  With this amazing iPhone lens kit, you can take your photography game to the next level with just your iPhone camera.  There are lenses that allow you to zoom in more than your phone alone allows and wide-angle lenses that allow you to get those wide shots of buildings that your phone alone is just not good for.  And at this price, it is an absolute steal.

Price: $38.99

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Master Lock Portable Travel Safe

Best Travel Accessories

This travel accessory has frequently been on my list of the best travel accessories to buy, and it isn’t hard to see why it is on my list of the top travel accessories for 2022 again.  When it comes to securing your belongings, nothing is really better than using a hotel safe.  They are secure and quite convenient if your hotel offers them.  However, what are you to do if you are staying at a hotel, hostel, Airbnb, or other accommodation that doesn’t offer the use of a room safe?  This Master Lock portable travel safe makes that problem a thing of the past.

Simply place your valuables in the small, light-weight travel safe, fasten the connected cable to something in the room that is unmovable, then lock the safe before you leave.  Not only is this a great alternative to a room safe for those who are traveling without access to one, but you can also lock your valuables up inside your backpack, fasten the safe to your bag, and further secure your belongings in your backpack as you travel as well.

Price: $17.20

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BUBM Travel Electronics Cable Organizer

Best Travel Accessories

As an avid travel photographer, I tend to travel with a lot of photography gear.  If I am traveling on a plane, I tend to also carry a tablet, headphones, and a portable charger for entertainment purposes as well.  Having this much gear means that there is typically a lot of cables to organize.  Keeping those cables organized while traveling can be a real challenge.  Even if you aren’t carrying a bunch of photography gear, keeping your phone charger, tablet charger, foreign power adapters, etc… all organized can be a hassle.

That is why I love having a cable organizer with me when I travel and why I think a good cable organizer is one of the top travel accessories, not just for travel photographers, but for any traveler.  I keep most of my electronics in the cable organizer, which helps me keep track of them.  Gone are the days when a cable goes missing in my backpack or my suitcase.  As an added bonus, it also allows me to have all of the electronics that I will need on a plane in one convenient, easy-to-access spot.  I just unclip the cable organizer from my bag (I attach mine with a climbing carabiner), place my bag in overhead storage on the plane, and keep the cable organizer in the seatback pocket until we are at cruising altitude and I can take my headphones out and start watching movies.

Price: $18.98

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Sportneer Lightweight Backpacking Chair

At first glance, you might be curious as to why I have a chair on my list of the best travel accessories for 2022. I know, it sounds weird, but if you are an avid hiker who does a lot of overnights in the backcountry, then this little chair is going to blow your mind. I cannot tell you how many times I have overnighted in the backcountry and have sat on the hard ground after a long day on the trail and wished I had somewhere more comfortable to sit. Carrying a heavy chair with you when backcountry backpacking is a horrible idea because of the weight, but this little gem of a chair weighs only 2 pounds. If you have the room in your bag and the weight to spare, it can mean the difference between the hard ground and a comfy chair on your next backpacking trip. And at this price, it is an absolute steal!


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Reusable Collapsible Water Bottles

If you read my blog regularly, then you will know that one of the most important things that you can do to survive a long-haul international flight is to stay hydrated. Not only will these collapsible travel water bottles allow you and your companion to stay hydrated and comfortable throughout your long flights, but the fact that they collapse to take up very little space makes them very easy to fit in a carry-on when not being used. I love these collapsible water bottles so much that I bought a number of them for people I know. Believe me, the genius of these space-saving water bottles will be appreciated when it comes time to pack your bags.


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Addalock Portable Door Lock (Great for AirBnb)

Best Travel Accessories

If you are concerned about safety when you travel, and we all should be to some extent, then the Addalock Portable Door Lock is something you will want to check out.  A while back, I wrote an article on the best ways to keep yourself safe when traveling. I definitely recommend reading that article before you go on your next travel adventure, but I also recommend you check out this amazing travel accessory for Addalock as well. This simple, one-piece device gives you added security when you are in your hotel room or inside your rented Airbnb.  You can sleep a lot more confidently with the added security, and at this price, it really is a no-brainer. You can’t put a price on safety, which is why this travel door lock is again on my list of the top travel accessories.

Price: $17.95

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  1. Lots of great gadgets there and some I have never heard of. I will check them out. Mel

  2. Some of this stuff will defititely come in handy for my Croatia trip upcoming. Thanks for the tips Josh!

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    • Thanks for reading Laci!!! Have a blast on your trip! Ireland is incredible!! 😃

      • We are super excited, this is our first trip to the Emerald Isle!

      • I am so excited for you!!! You will love it!! Everything is so beautiful and everyone is so nice!

      • If you have suggestions I’m open to them!

      • I do! Which parts of Ireland will you be visiting?

      • The first part of the trip we are going through a tour company and will be in Belfast to Giants Causeway to Donegal. After that we are flying out of Dublin a few days later. So we have time to explore.

      • You will love those areas!!! Near Giant’s Causeway, don’t miss the Dunluce Castle and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. Both are amazing!! Also, the Dark Hedges are near there too. Cool tree lined road that was featured in the Game of Thrones. I have guides on all three places.

        Also, don’t miss the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. It’s amazing!!

        Dublin area is incredible. I have a guide on it as well.

        Enjoy the trip!

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