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Travelor’s Guide to Valencia

Established as a Roman colony all the way back in 138 BC, the name Valencia translates to mean “valor”, as in bravery and strength.  Today, as Spain’s third-largest city with some of Europe’s most iconic beaches, Valencia has become one of Europe’s most popular beach vacation destinations.  If you are looking for a spot in Europe to escape the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life and hit the beach, then Valencia is a popular option.  With hot summers, mild winters, soft sand beaches, and rich food culture, Valencia is a tourist magnet for vacationers in Europe and worldwide.

Travelor’s Guide to Barcelona

There are few cities in Europe, if not the world, that seems as magical as the city of Barcelona in Spain.  Rumored to have been established over 400 years ago by none other than Hercules, Barcelona has been home to its fair share of larger-than-life figures throughout its history.  Arguably one of the city’s most famous residents in its history was Antoni Gaudí, whose architecture can be found throughout the city and is world-renown for its unique style and beauty.  Arguably the most famous of his buildings is the infamous Sagrada Familia church, which has the distinction of being under construction for longer than it took to build the Great Pyramids of Giza.  In fact, the church is still under construction to this day.